Why Compression


Engaging in physical activities such as doing exercises, playing sports and more offers a lot of health benefits. A lot of people are getting gym memberships and similar activities to keep their bodies moving actively. People are going to the gym to wear practically everything that they want. So long as it’s comfortable, with mesh or lightweight fabric, and fits perfectly fine, it’s good to go and will pass as gym wear or outfit. While it’s not bad to wear comfortable workout clothes, it’s best to choose the ones that give the best benefits most especially if you’re starting to get a little bit older.

 In the past few years, compression gears are gaining popularity not just for patients recovering from surgery but also for fitness enthusiasts. It’s not surprising because compression gears offer a wide variety of benefits for the users. If you haven’t tried using or wearing compression gears, this is the best time to switch and experience the benefits it offers. We compiled everything that you need to know about wearing compression gears and why you should give it a try as soon as you can.


Compression wear or gear is the type of garments created with spandex-type fibers. It's tighter than the usual gym wears. The purpose of compression wear is to tighten the muscles to keep it contained and properly supported. The compression wears are used to improve the blood circulation in the muscles and improve the overall function of the heart.

 Usually, compression wear is made up of 80% nylon and 20% spandex materials. These types of garments were originally used by seniors to aid in the circulation for issues like arthritis and diabetes. The compression gears are readily available and locally sold in drugstores for the purposes mentioned above. The compression wear is proven as an effective aid in supporting the patients or seniors who underwent surgery or operations. Due to the materials used in creating compression wears, these are becoming more and more popular to fitness enthusiasts, and alike as it is a great tool to improve their performance.

 Unlike the usual fitness wears and gym outfits, the compression gears aid in reducing muscle movement or oscillation. This process helps to reduce wasting energy and maintain proper body alignment. As a result, increased blood flow guarantees that the muscles receive enough supply of oxygen required to enhance recovery and sustain performance.

 Compression gears are not the same as the ordinary spandex wears. These are made using tighter materials or elastics to hold its shape better. It also offers graduated pressures which make the compression gears tighter around the ankle than the knee.

 Due to the popularity of compression gears, famous clothing and sportswear brands are offering items that provide compression. As of the moment, there’s a wide variety of compression gears available in the market which includes socks, arm sleeves, pants, tank tops, shirts, arm pads and a lot more. These items target specific parts of the body to guarantee maximum benefits for the one wearing it.    


Using compression gears isn’t only popular in the medical world. These days, many groups of people are using compression gears and enjoy the benefits it gives. Here are some of the groups who rip the benefits of using compression gears and how you can use it as well.

Runners and marathoners

As you know, compression gears are no longer limited to those who reached senior years or patients recovering from injuries and surgeries. Runners commonly use compression gears because of its benefits. Due to the growing number of scientific research and studies revealing the benefits of using compression gears for people who have an active lifestyle or runners.

 Although many non-users believe that compression gears fall into the category of items offering placebo effect, research shows that compression gears can give benefits to runners. 

Runners undergo rigorous training. Thus, staying injury free and the ability to recover faster is tantamount to their overall success. Compression gear brands conducted several studies that revealed the following:

  • Increases venous return
  • Accelerates recovery processes
  • Removes lactic acid more quickly
  • Increases muscle oxygenation
  • Improves body temperature control
  • Reduces exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD)
  • Reduces in-flight ankle edema
  • Increases strength and power
  • Improves endurance


Just like the runners, athletes, in general, are prone to injuries during practice and professional competitions. Thus, they need tools that can aid and support them to avoid the risk of experiencing injury. Even famous athletes use compression gears not just during training but even after the competition.


Caring for the elderly is not as easy as you wish it to be. The elderly or seniors need more care and attention to their needs. They also need special considerations and health care routines as they experience a rapid decline in physiological functions such as reduced muscle capacity and blood flow. Aside from that, aging is associated with other diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes.

Primarily, compression gears are used by people in their senior years. It has been proven that it helps to maintain their posture. Aside from that, it is also used as an aid for recovery after the operation as it helps to relax the muscle and avoid fatigue.

It’s amazing how compression gears can help the elderly. It offers great support to ensure that they can still do their daily activities without worrying about muscle cramps or spasms.

Aside from the health benefits it provides, compression gears are cool to wear considering that you can select from a wide array of designs, cuts, and styles.

Why wear compression gear and what does it do?

Enhances cardio efficiency

Wearing compression gear helps in the proper circulation of blood that improves the heart’s ability to work and function.

Reduces muscle vibration and fatigue

One of the primary reasons why compression gears are popular is due to its effectiveness in controlling muscle vibration and fatigue. As its name implies, the compression gear puts enough pressure to the muscles so that it won’t tremble when doing activities such as running, walking, or playing sports.

Reduce muscle damage caused by exercise

Whether you’re a hard-core fitness enthusiast or an elderly who needs to stretch from time to time, wearing compression gear can significantly help in reducing muscle damage. It works as support when stretching or doing extensive exercises.

Compression gears are specifically crafted to focus the tension in the muscles

What’s good about compression gears is that it was created and developed to target tensions in the muscle. It aims to calm the nerves and muscles to avoid cramps and other complications. Compression gears have enough strength to guard your muscles and sooth cramps or spasms as a result of doing exercises or playing sports.

Deliver increased stamina and power

For the elderly, using compression gears can aid in increasing stamina and power as shown in the study conducted in 2016. Wearing compression gears extend the time of exhaustion for runners, so their performance improves during practice and actual running competitions or marathons.

More and more elderlies are using compression gears to support them when walking or jogging. The compression gear safeguards the legs against injury, but it also helps to push the energy so that you can do more and live calmly.

Acceleration and long-term endurance

Since compression gears help in increasing stamina, it also helps to improve the long-term endurance of athletes and even the elderly. The components of the compression gear help to improve blood circulation and cardiovascular health. As a result, a person wearing it feels calmer and relaxes. With this, they can do more activities without feeling muscle tension.

Helps in recovering faster

Compression gears made rounds in the world of sports because famous NBA players and their coaches reveal that they use it as a means to increase the recovery rate. In doing physical activities or sports like basketball, players are prone to injury, and they need to recover as fast as they can. In this scenario, wearing compression gears is specifically useful as “compression” is an actual part of the recovery process or R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation).

The NBA athletes can wear compression shorts, pants, socks, or arm sleeves depending on which part of the body is injured. The compression gear is worn for several hours to attain the maximum benefits. For NBA athletes who chose to wear compression gears while resting, they specifically use the ones created for recovery. This type of compression gear is not too tight and provides enough pressure that won’t be uncomfortable even while sleeping.

Whether you're a runner, athlete, man woman, senior, or anyone - compression gear has a lot of benefits you need to try now. Try a compression gear and fall in love with its benefits and how it can make you feel better and more confident in doing activities you enjoy without worrying about injury.